April Fast and Test


There was a time in my life when the only goals worth having involved a Ferrari and two Dobermans. 

Sunday Sketching

I have spent a lot of time drawing Ed on the stand at church these few years. While I am sad to see him leave, I look forward to some quality work sketching Tony in his place.

A Diorama

Here is a diorama I constructed using instructions and materials provided by Tragedy Series.  It turned out so well I am thinking of designing my own.

Testimony Mtg

The Snuff

About Town Feb '14

Missy always has to contradict anything Lindy and I say... and of course in this case, she was technically correct.

Meg's Concert

Random folks at Meg's band concert this week...

Nerd Detection

Study: Lorin

Sketching Lorin Hatch, teaching High Priest Group Mtg.