Busy Sunday

Debbie, Kent and Mavin...

... and later in SS...

... later still, Mavin pulls double duty as an instructor.

Hulk Part II: The Epic Battle

The epic battle continues. Go HERE for part I.


FMN: The Hobbit

The Manwaring Family Sunday Movie Night:
The Hobbit:  The Desolation of Smaug.
(I had to prep the girls with some scary scenes from King Kong (2005) to make sure they would not have nightmares)

June Fast & Test

Recent Church Sketches


The finished product.  A little ditty penned by my Bro-in-law, Adam Hayes.

The Boogie Man

A panel from a upcoming little collaborative project with Adam Hayes.


"My Teeth"

An illustration to accompany Adam Hayes' poem below. Enjoy :)