Morning Commute

September Testimony Mtg

Cookie Monster: Origins

I'm still on the whole Cookie Monster V Hulk thing.

Hulk vs Cookie
Hulk vs Cookie II

Diner II

Colton's Farewell

While the highlight of this talk was of course the bit about Tony telling Colton as a boy that he'd likely serve a mission on the moon, I focused intently on Colton's analogy to sketching people's faces and the gospel, and felt strongly that it was meant for me and me alone.

About Town Aug '14


Testimony Meeting, Aug 2014

15 people is a big day.  I guess everyone is back from vacations and such.

Busy Sunday

Debbie, Kent and Mavin...

... and later in SS...

... later still, Mavin pulls double duty as an instructor.

Hulk Part II: The Epic Battle

The epic battle continues. Go HERE for part I.